Document Scanning

Document Imaging

The process of Document Imaging can really help your business. You can remove the use of paper in from your office by digitalising it, enabling your business to run more smoothly and efficiently. If you use a lot of drawings in your business, for example if you own an architectural business, you will know how much space these take up, in bulky filing systems. At Imaging Services, we can significantly reduce this by transferring all of your drawings onto an electronic form, so you can access them all at a click of a button. We do this by scanning your original drawings into a computer system, storing them in a digital format.

At Imaging Services, our main priority is you. We want to improve your business and help it to run more smoothly, which is why we make it as easy for you to access as possible. Once we have stored all of your original images onto a computer system, you can write your own descriptions of the images, making it easy to find, should you need to at a later date.

Whilst a lot of companies are starting to work more electronically, a lot of archives are still in paper form, which is why our services can help your business. At Imaging Services, our Document Imaging service means that the accessibility of your images is much easier, along with allowing easy access to all of those that need it. It also improves the security as it means that protected documents are not left lying around. On top of this, it saves space, as you are reducing the bulky archive storing systems, improving your working space for you and your employees.