Large Format Scanning

Having large sheets of paper not only takes up a lot of room when trying to store them, but can also prove quite problematic to work with, whether this is technical drawings, plans or maps. At Imaging Services, we have a solution. With our Large Format Scanning service, we can scan large documents, enabling them to be stored electronically, so they are easily accessible and clear to see. It also means that the paperwork will not become damaged over time, especially if they are handled a lot.

We can scan all large documents in either black and white, grey scale or colour and with our state of the art equipment, the quality of the electronic version is incredibly high. Even large documents that have been marked can show up perfectly well. Our team at Imaging Services are highly qualified and trained, so you can rest in the knowledge that you are getting a good service. We check all of the documents that we scan, to make sure that there are no imperfections and for accuracy of the documents as our customers are so important to us.

Our service means that you have easy access to documents that would otherwise be quite fiddly and inconvenient to use, as all necessary staff can view the documents with one click of a button. By storing documents electronically, it increases free space in the office by removing filing cabinets as well as improving security as it is difficult for unauthorised people to access them.